Monday, 31 October 2011

Cost of Living in Singapore

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Planning to travel to Singapore? Know how much money you need to bring based on your length of stay and your purpose. If you're planning to stay longer you may want to learn how much it costs to be living in Singapore. Below are the basic guidelines for your assessment and budgeting.

1. Accommodation - Staying in HDB flat

Common Room - Price ranges from $S500 to $S700 per room per month. This room can accommodate a maximum of 2 persons. You can save much if you are to rent it with a roommate as you will only pay half of the price. It's the best accommodation in Singapore for a long term stay as this is friendly to your pocket.

Master Bedroom - Price ranges from $S700 to $S1000 per room per month. This room can accommodate a  maximum of 3 persons. If you are looking for the rooms and room mates the link below can help you alot.

2. Electricity, Water and Gas for Cooking = $S55 to $S90 per month per person depending on the consumption.

3. 5kg of rice = $S7.50

4. 1 whole chicken (Uncooked) = S$5.50

5. Loaf of Bread (about 15 slices) = S$2.30

6. Fresh Milk (1 Litre) = S$2.30 to $S4.50

7. 5 Sachets of Coffee = S$1.90

8. 600ml mineral water = $S0.50 to 0.80; 1500ml = $S1.20 to $S1.80

9. Egg (10 pieces, Standard packaging) = S$1.90

10. Fish = $S3 to $S30 (depending on weight and type of fish)

11. Pork = S$2 to S$15 (depending on weight and parts)

12. Bath Soap (4 pieces) = $S2.30, Tooth Paste (150ml) = $S2.0, Tooth Brush = S$1.50, 200ml Shampoo = $S2.50, 250ml Mouth Wash = $S3.50, Feminine Wash (150ml) = $S6.50, Liquid Detergent (3 litres) = $S9.50

13. Sim Card (Need your passport when buying) = $S8, Top Up = $S18, S$28

14. International Calling Card = $S10

15. Bus Fare = $S1.10 to $S2.20 (Depending on the distance)

16. MRT Fare = $S1.10 to $S2.20 (Depending on the distance)

17. Taxi Fare = Visit Singapore Taxi Fare

18. Eating outside; at the hawker = $S3 without drinks and $S4.40 with drinks (hawker
outside the mall)

19. Eating outside; at the hawker = $S4 without drinks and $S5.50 with drinks (hawker inside the mall)

20. Movie Ticket = $S10 to $SS22  - Make Money From Your Exit Traffic!

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Saturday, 15 October 2011

What to do in Singapore?

Before travelling to a place like Singapore the first question which comes to our mind are the things to do in Singapore. We all know that Singapore is a small country when compared to others but in terms of tour or holiday vacations, this country is one of the favorite destinations by tourists. Last year it hit a record of approximately 12 million tourists who visited Singapore. They came from different countries which only means that this country is very lovely and welcomes every individual regardless of their nationality.

List of What to do in Singapore

- Visit the Universal Studio

If you are arriving in Singapore at night try to sleep early and reserve your energy for the one whole day excitement in the next morning. Universal Studios is located in the heart of Sentosa Island and you need to take a MRT and alight to Harbourfront Station. Walk through Vivo City and at Level 3 take a monorail towards Waterfront Station where the Universal Studios is located. Make sure to come on time preferably around 9am in the morning because this place is so big and you don't want to miss every fun and excitement, the sight seeing and the many rides within plus taking all the photos you want. Universal Studios is perfect for families as all age brackets will surely enjoy the place. The price of the ticket ranges from S$48 to S$72 depending on what day and age of accompanied individuals. And lastly, if you want to save more, don't forget to bring more water plus your packed food because the price of the food inside the Universal Studios is quite costly.  - Make Money From Your Exit Traffic!

Finding The Accomodation in Singapore

Before traveling you must plan your trip to suit your budget by looking for an affordable accommodation in Singapore. If you are traveling to Singapore and you don’t have any friends or relatives there, these are the two hotels that are best for you in terms of budget.

- Hotel 81 – Hotel 81 is very famous and yet affordable hotel, everywhere you go in Singapore just tell the taxi driver which hotel 81 you want to stay and the driver will bring you there. Price per night is about SGD 70 to SGD 100.

- Lai Ming Hotel – Lai Ming Hotel is one of the cheapest hotels to stay in Singapore, the rate is about SGD 50 to SGD 80 per day. This is one of the cheapest but the only thing is; there are only a few branches of this hotel in Singapore as compared to hotel 81. This hotel is located near the Aljunied MRT station. You can take a taxi directly from the Airport or you can take the MRT from Aljunied MRT Station.

It is good for you if you have a friend or relative in Singapore because you don't have to worry or think where to stay in Singapore. But before doing that you must ask your friends or relatives where they are staying. Let's say in a HDB flat, in Singapore they have a regulation on how many persons only can occupy. For example a 4 room flat consist of 3 bedrooms. In master bedroom the allowed persons to stay is 3 while the common rooms are 2 persons only.

How to travel to one place to another

Once you arrived in Singapore from the airport take a piece of Singapore Map for tourists attractions guide or if you cannot find one you may approach the information counter to give you one. The map is your guide about Singapore attractions and how to travel in Singapore without any tourist guide. The map is very informative and it will guide you for all the MRT stations from one end to one end.

MRT is the best public transport to take while you are in Singapore unless you are travelling to one place without the reach of MRT then you need to ride either a bus or a taxi. In taking a MRT you can choose to buy a standard ticket per trip or buy an EZ link card which will cost you about SGD 15 with SGD 5 dollars deposit inside. My suggestion is; if you are planning to stay longer in Singapore let say in a week with a lot of travel from one place to another, it’s better to buy an EZ link card which you can top up anytime in any MRT station. The standard ticket is only for a one way ticket per trip and the disadvantage is, you must have a lot of coins every time. You can purchase it in all MRT station at Ticket Vending Machine.

Travelling by bus is the second famous way of commuting in Singapore and you can use your EZ link card or you can pay your fare using coins.  - Make Money From Your Exit Traffic!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Travel to Singapore

Travelling to Singapore is so easy as this place is a very tourist-friendly country. Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival except for some nationalities like citizens coming from the middle east countries who need a citizen/PR relative in Singapore to sponsor for them. To verify whether you need a ready entry visa or just a visa on arrival you may check the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) website If you are eligible for a visa on arrival, the immigration officer normally grants 30 days short-term stay in Singapore upon entry for tourists intending to have a vacation. Of course you need to bring with you all the necessary travel documents such as passport, 2-way ticket, hotel booking confirmation receipt, etc. for you to support the purpose of your visit when the immigration officer interrogates you. For a complete list of entry requirements click this link from the ICA website It is a violation to overstay in Singapore so if you need to stay longer, there is a facility online called e-XTEND where you can apply for an extension of your stay in Singapore.

When visiting any country it is prudent for you to know the basic rules of the country you're visiting to avoid any unnecessary violations. In Singapore, it is prohibited to engage in any form of business, profession, occupation or paid employment while on visit passes. If you need to perform these things, a separate pass intended for that should be secured. I think this rule is basic to every country. Another interesting fact about Singapore is that, chewing gums are prohibited here, so don't you dare chew on gums around as you may be fined for that. To be safe, just avoid bringing any of it in your travel here. Also, Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world and you will be able to observe that when you finally step down here. One way to maintain its cleanliness is to prohibit littering and spitting anywhere you like. There are litter bins for your garbage and toilets for you to spit.  Take note of the warnings you see everywhere so you won't get in trouble. Huge fines will be charged on you if you violate something. And worst, you will be sent to jail or even caned. But if you're a law-abiding person and you act according to what is right, then I think this won't be a problem.

Overall, Singapore is a very nice place to visit, it is not at all scary to come here as this place is a very safe place to visit. It has a lot to offer too and so easy to familiarize with. In fact, this place is highly globalized as you can find people from different races living in harmony may it be locals or foreigners working or just visiting Singapore.

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