Saturday, 15 October 2011

What to do in Singapore?

Before travelling to a place like Singapore the first question which comes to our mind are the things to do in Singapore. We all know that Singapore is a small country when compared to others but in terms of tour or holiday vacations, this country is one of the favorite destinations by tourists. Last year it hit a record of approximately 12 million tourists who visited Singapore. They came from different countries which only means that this country is very lovely and welcomes every individual regardless of their nationality.

List of What to do in Singapore

- Visit the Universal Studio

If you are arriving in Singapore at night try to sleep early and reserve your energy for the one whole day excitement in the next morning. Universal Studios is located in the heart of Sentosa Island and you need to take a MRT and alight to Harbourfront Station. Walk through Vivo City and at Level 3 take a monorail towards Waterfront Station where the Universal Studios is located. Make sure to come on time preferably around 9am in the morning because this place is so big and you don't want to miss every fun and excitement, the sight seeing and the many rides within plus taking all the photos you want. Universal Studios is perfect for families as all age brackets will surely enjoy the place. The price of the ticket ranges from S$48 to S$72 depending on what day and age of accompanied individuals. And lastly, if you want to save more, don't forget to bring more water plus your packed food because the price of the food inside the Universal Studios is quite costly.  - Make Money From Your Exit Traffic!

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