Saturday, 1 October 2011

Travel to Singapore

Travelling to Singapore is so easy as this place is a very tourist-friendly country. Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival except for some nationalities like citizens coming from the middle east countries who need a citizen/PR relative in Singapore to sponsor for them. To verify whether you need a ready entry visa or just a visa on arrival you may check the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) website If you are eligible for a visa on arrival, the immigration officer normally grants 30 days short-term stay in Singapore upon entry for tourists intending to have a vacation. Of course you need to bring with you all the necessary travel documents such as passport, 2-way ticket, hotel booking confirmation receipt, etc. for you to support the purpose of your visit when the immigration officer interrogates you. For a complete list of entry requirements click this link from the ICA website It is a violation to overstay in Singapore so if you need to stay longer, there is a facility online called e-XTEND where you can apply for an extension of your stay in Singapore.

When visiting any country it is prudent for you to know the basic rules of the country you're visiting to avoid any unnecessary violations. In Singapore, it is prohibited to engage in any form of business, profession, occupation or paid employment while on visit passes. If you need to perform these things, a separate pass intended for that should be secured. I think this rule is basic to every country. Another interesting fact about Singapore is that, chewing gums are prohibited here, so don't you dare chew on gums around as you may be fined for that. To be safe, just avoid bringing any of it in your travel here. Also, Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world and you will be able to observe that when you finally step down here. One way to maintain its cleanliness is to prohibit littering and spitting anywhere you like. There are litter bins for your garbage and toilets for you to spit.  Take note of the warnings you see everywhere so you won't get in trouble. Huge fines will be charged on you if you violate something. And worst, you will be sent to jail or even caned. But if you're a law-abiding person and you act according to what is right, then I think this won't be a problem.

Overall, Singapore is a very nice place to visit, it is not at all scary to come here as this place is a very safe place to visit. It has a lot to offer too and so easy to familiarize with. In fact, this place is highly globalized as you can find people from different races living in harmony may it be locals or foreigners working or just visiting Singapore.

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